Visualize tab with an automation chain

Is there an operation that allow to visualize a page or a tab? I would like to create a chain that first acquires a lock (Document.Lock) and then visualizes the edit tab for the document.

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Hi, that's a smart idea. But you will also have to unlock automatically after having clicked on a customized “save” button, won't you ?

To do what you aim at:

  • Document.lock
  • Seam.ChangeTab with value TAB_EDIT for the parameter tab

Of course, you need to be in a Seam context, that means that this chain will work if you bind it to a user action, and won't work if you bind it to an event listener (whose context has no notion of current tab in the interface).

To add a new button in the “edit” screen for saving, you can follow this how-to

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Thank you very much (yes, I was also wondering about the unlock action :) )! Now I try to write some code and to apply this solution!