Using Service > Create Relation do I need to explicitly create both incoming and outgoing relation?

I am creating a relation between two documents with Services>Create Relation. How do I specify the predicate so both incoming and outgoing relations are created correctly.

I have used the String IsBaseOn in the predicate and when the relation is created IsBasedOn is the predicate for both directions of the created relation.

I sense there needs to be some type of indirection used to identify the predicate based on the message.en/fr/current language translation system but I can't see to find a reference to how to use label.predicate…. vocabularies.

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Found that: and it's relatives works in the Service>Create Relation Predicate and creates incoming and outgoing relations.

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One relation does create both incoming and outgoing relations. When displaying them in the UI, a cheap trick is used to display a different label by fetching labels from two distinct vocabularies.

The directories content is visible here:

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