Is there a way to see Sharepoint documents within the Nuxeo DM UI?

My organization runs both Nuxeo and Sharepoint for different things, I wish I could, within my Nuxeo Workspaces, see also Sharepoint documents to may be link documents that are within the Nuxeo repository to them. Do you know of any best practice / simple way how to do this?

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The Nuxeo relation service available into the Nuxeo tab let the user to create a relation between:

  • a Nuxeo document and another Nuxeo Document,
  • a Nuxeo Document and a text
  • a Nuxeo Document and an URI

My first, and easiest answer will be to use that feature with the URI relation.

But I already heard your next question: but how to create the bijective relation? I think the best way will be to create a listener that listen a relation creation and detect a relation to your share point server. This listener will do the other relation into the share point server.

We can also think about a real integration that Nuxeo can provide but this has never been asked before you. You can contact us, if you really need this features:

Hope this will help you.

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