Nuxeo vs Sharepoint

What aspects of Nuxeo EP would you highlight to help persuade someone to implement it rather than Sharepoint?

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Hi, This is a wide question, mostly because Sharepoint is a wide topic… Without going into details on the functionnalities and capabilities (which are quite different in many areas) I would highlight a couple of general things:

  • First aspect I would highlight is versatility and flexibility of the platform. In essence, Nuxeo is running on a wider and more open range of systems and back-ends (wether it is about OS, Database, FS, App Server) where as obviously Sharepoint locks the customer in the Microsoft Stack. This is a quite usual aspect when comparing Microsoft offering with others.

  • Second is extensibility and modularity. Nuxeo is made for developers, to build and extend the platform to make their own applications. In that respect, Nuxeo is ahead of Sharepoint (who has a slightly different focus), both thanks to the modularity of the platform (the extension point systems) and the tools such as Nuxeo Studio and Nuxeo IDE.

Finally, on the cost side, I would recommend any one to carefully assess the cost of a Sharepoint solution. While it is often perceived as a low cost solution, the pricing model and also the potential additional price of add-ons can make the cost of the solution fairly higher than expected at first.

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If your underlying interests are Enterprise Document Management, cost-effective scalability, and a need to customize/integrate with non-Microsoft systems then Nuxeo is by and far the better solution. The costs of SharePoint lie in the licensing requirements (as Roland points out), but also in the physical hardware requirements. In my experience the cost of hardware in a SharePoint deploy is far higher than Nuxeo (given the same user base and storage requirements).

Another big difference for me: Nuxeo is built as a platform, whereas SharePoint is built as a destination. You can embed Nuxeo in applications and create a new UI to suit your needs. With SharePoint you can create and extend the environment but you are really stuck working in the SharePoint framework.

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