[Nuxeo web mobile] multi tenancy and mobile site root button

Hi There,

I noticed that when using the web mobile package and the multi tenancy package the root button results into an error page.

For testing I edited the class “MobileApplication.java”, specifically the following method:

 * Generate the root view of the repository. First root descendant and user workspace are rendered
public Object getRootRepositoryView() throws Exception {
    Map<String, Object> args = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    CoreSession session = ctx.getCoreSession();

//added possibility to get tenantId
DocumentModel doc;
    MultiTenantPrincipal principal = (MultiTenantPrincipal) session.getPrincipal();
    String tenantId = principal.getTenantId();
    doc = session.getDocument(new PathRef("/"+tenantId));
catch(Exception e){ 
    doc = session.getRootDocument();
    DocumentModelList children;
    do {
        children = session.getChildren(doc.getRef(), null, ONLY_VISIBLE_CHILDREN, null);
        if (children.size() == 1) {
            doc = children.get(0);
    } while (children.size() == 1);
    args.put("domain", children);

    return getView("root").args(args);

The idea is to try of a user has a tenantId and if so use it as the root doc, if not use the getRootDocument() method.

It works for me but is it a good solution (Could you use it as well?)?

Thanks in advance,

Bauke Roo

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