What can I do to extend MIME type detection by file content?

As far as I can see there is no purpose Nuxeo extension. Am I now forced to change Nuxeo source (nuxeo-platform-mimetype-core)? What is your recommended approach in this case?


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What do you want to change exactly?

Want to add an additional detector for an unsupported Microsoft Office file, something like PptMimetypeSniffer.java etc.., which means that I have to extend JMimeMagic's magic.xml file (lines: 1358..). Currently the unsupported file type is detected as an 'application/msword' MIME type, which is wrong.

No at the moment there is no way to extend the JMimeMagic Detectors using the Nuxeo extension point mechanism. We would have to dynamically create the magic.xml file before using JMimeMagic, and it's not currently done.

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