How to configure nuxeo 5.8 and Shibboleth

I am testing shibboleth authentification (in Fed test de Renater) on a Nuxeo 5.8 Install. This one work with CAS LDAP auth. I had disabled CAS auth et instal the shibboleth plugin, and configure an Service Provider (which work, tested avec shibenv.php) with the SWITCHwayf

But when I try to connect, Nuxeo gives this error: on the wayf : Error: Invalid request The web server received an invalid query because there are some arguments missing The following arguments were received :

target= A valid request needs at least the arguments shire and target with valid values. Optionally the arguments providerID,originand redirect canbe supplied to automtically redirect the web browser to an organisation and to do that automatically for the current web browser session';

Whre can I have shibboleth2.xml and http conf example ? Thank you

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I solved this problem by configuring nuxeo in https !