Tryng to build a custom ui element , which will display the rest api results in data table or data-list . Are there any examples to use nuxeo-resource(how to fetch api) and display same in results to display in data table

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I've been wanting to do something similar, but haven't had time so it's in the backlog. If you get this working please share some of your results/code if possible. My concept was to have another tab for a document for the JSON results (such as "View" "Permissions" History" "Trash" "JSON"). This tab would likely be restricted based on permissions, but the view would appear similar to that given when using the "Nuxeo Dev Tools" Chrome extension for JSON output, but would be in Nuxeo as a tab. For some user groups this would be a great feature. Looking forward to your progress.


You should have a look to the sources of In particular, you can read how search forms and search results are built here: and have an exemple on how we display children documents


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