Alternate View for Array Data instead of nuxeo-data-table?

Has anyone development or know of a better method of display array data instead to the standard nuxeo-data-table that gets generated in a layout, specifically for view-layouts?

I have a few fields that are arrays that users can enter data into (instead of selecting from a directory). Studio creates nuxeo-data-tables for these types of fields, but the design/css for them take up a lot of space. I tried modifying some of the styes and made some progress, but it isn't ideal. It would be more ideal to list the values in the array similar to nuxeo-directory-suggestion, but I can't just utilize that because it creates errors when new data is added to the array. Just looking for a better way to do this without taking up a lot of screen space.

Here are some examples of live vs the idea of changing the layout. Live Code Alternate Idea

FILES:   Idea.png   Live.png
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Also forgot to add, that I'm not sure how to address complex fields with multiple fields, but it would be nice to have them take up less space also.


In document layout, you could do whatever you need by looping every value:

<template is="dom-repeat" items="[[]]" as="property">
//  Whatever needed like <nuxeo-tag>[[formatDirectory(property)]]</nuxeo-tag>

The fixed height issue is identified by the Nuxeo team.


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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll will try this out.

This worked great, thanks so much! (This might be a better default approach when metadata layouts get generated instead of using the nuxeo-data-table—could be a suggestion for the Studio team.