Properties value is not getting rendered in nuxeo-data-table element in edit mode


I have configured a complex field for a document. This field is appearing as in nuxeo-data-table element. I have declared a property “myFormats” in document template which I want to use inside edit mode of nuxeo-data-table element. I am not able to access property “myFormats” here.

While I try to access same property in the document create view outside of nuxeo-data-table element, I am able to access it successfully.

I have attached here the code as well as the UI screenshot for reference.

Is this a bug in nuxeo-data-table element in edit mode OR I am missing something?

Thank you!

FILES:   Code.jpg   screen.jpg
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You solve the problem? I'm in the same situation.

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This shouldn't happen in LTS 2019. I can advice you to use Nuxeo Studio Designer, or take inspiration from

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