Documentation and/or example of bundle with Java class?


I'm new to Nuxeo, and I'm searching to implement a Nuxeo bundle for Nuxeo DM. As I read that there were changes in the way it was handled after the version 5.4 , I decided to implement the bundle in Nuxeo 5.6 instead.

I tried out Nuxeo Studio, but we need to implement some algorithm and thus will need to implement a few Java classes, so Studio will not be enough.

Now, I could not find any detailled documentation to help me implement an EventListener in Java appart from the following documentation: But this seems outdated. Is there no new version of this anywhere?

The best would actually to have a complete (working) example from where to start. For a Nuxeo newbye like me, a working uptodate HelloWorld bundle (zip) with a basic operation and an eventlistener would be greatly appreciated :-)

Could somebody in the list share such a thing? That would get me started, while I wait for the update of the documentation… of if there is such updated documentation, although I couldn't google it, I would be thankful to get the links as well :-)

Thank you!

Patrick H.

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