Remove the tags feature

Is there a way to write a contribution in order to remove all the tags feature (adding tag, searching for tag and navigating by tags)?

Would removing the following files accomplish the desired effect?

  • nuxeo-platform-tag-api-5.5.jar
  • nuxeo-platform-tag-web-5.5.jar
  • nuxeo-platform-tag-core-5.5.jar


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Did you test it ? :D

Is it working ? :D If not that's mean there is other feature based on this one. So or you find all features that depends on it and remove it one by one or you just disable actions you don't want.

First disable the cloud tag view:

To remove actions you just have to contribute this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.virtualnavigation.NavTreeService"
    <navTree treeId="TAG_CLOUD" enabled="false">


Override the xhtml fragment that displays the tag feature:

nuxeo.war/widgets/summary/tagging_widget_template.xhtml and nuxeo.war/incl/tagging.xhtml

Think this is all.

Becareful if you remove this feature, if you are using in the future an add-on or a service that will depend of this feature, this will not work.

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Not yet.

But, as I suspected, removing everything is not the cleanest way.

Thanks, I'll try your suggestion.