Retrieve ECM content from Android

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     I am able to use the sample code of ECM for Android. but its giving another problem i am not able to open the contents of ECM like if i want to open a pic then i am not able to open it and its saying "You are unveiled a bug in the application, and we are sorry for that! Would you be mind enough to report thqt problem to us? thank you".Can anyone guide me on this?

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Please, be more precise:

  • What versions do you use (Nuxeo, Android, Nuxeo Android connector)?
  • What do you do? What do you want to do? Do you have some code snippet to show? Do you have a unit or integration test for reproducing your issue?
  • Is the error message coming from Nuxeo?! Did you properly manage the errors in your application? Do you have enforced your code to check the values returned by the connector? Do you have some errors in your server logs?

About ECM content, there's an important tip: only a few schema are shared by default. If you want to retrieve more ECM data, you must add some informations in the session/request HEADER. That may have something to do with your issue…


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Hi ,

Thanks for reply.

  1. I am using this sample code mention on the
  2. i am simply compiling the above code for android. but while opening a particular file its throwing some exception.
  3. yeah i try to manage the application errors and its giving the following error message :"You have unveiled a bug in the application, and we are sorry for that! Would you be kind enough to report that problem to us? Thank you"



You didn't answer to all of my questions :) I'm aware of some other projects using the connector without any issue…

What is the exception stacktrace?

Note the code is under CI ( and it seems there's a regression on the APK generation; I'll look at that error (likely to be some change in 'aapt' external tool).