Limit to number of items in a folder?

I know there probably is not a limit, but I am more asking if there is a good reason to avoid putting a lot of items in a folder. I am about to create hundreds of thousands of documents that will act as placeholders for my company's assets. Users will then add relations from documents to these placeholders. Should I artificially break up these items over many folders or is there an harm in putting them all in one folder? Users won't be navigating this folder, but rather searching for these documents when creating relations.


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Nuxeo infrastructure, more especially VCS, don't care about the number of item you will put on a container. Your problem will be ergonomic.

You will just have a paginated view and no structure will help your user to find his document. So if the navigation based is the search, maybe the best way is to move the faceted search tab before the hierarchy tab (top-left and not top less) and present as default view “Home”, or “Faceted search tab” with an empty query…

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