how to set the "dc:created" field using nuxeo automation client?

i am using nuxeo automation client 5.6.

I want to create document in nuxeo repository and set the the dc:created field according to the date of my choise instead of using the current system date . This is the client's requirment which needs the orginal creation date of the document. But the problem is that even if i set the date of my choise,the document is still created with the current system time.

I want to set it as follows: myMap.set(“dc:created”, date);

where date is the Date object.

Please help me.Its urgent

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dc:created is part of the DublinCore schema and is not meant to be changeable (it gets set in a core listener). dc:created is the date the Nuxeo document is created (not necessarily the data of the content or attached binaries). Follow this link for some suggestions on how to handle.

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