I just installed Nuxeo (MySQL database) and can't login with Administrator/Administrator

Hello, :-)

I just installed Nuxeo on Ubuntu 12.04 VPS from apt packages. I chose a MySQL database. I got to the end of the first-time configuration and should now log in.

But Nuxeo is refusing my login (Administrator/Administrator)

I don't see any way to get a password reset.

How do I get past this problem please?

TIA for any help, and all the best,


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Hi, the problem is resolved. It seems it was a browser issue. I was unable to log in using Firefox in a Win 7 VM under Ubuntu. When I switched to my usual browser on my Linux desktop, I managed to login without problem. Anyway, thanks for your help. :-)

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Aren't there some error messages in the server logs (/var/log/nuxeo/...)?

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No, /var/log/nuxeo/nuxeo-error.log is completely empty, nor were there any error messages during the set-up process. :-(

What about the other log files?

Which Nuxeo version is it? How did you configured MySQL? Have you read we recommend PostgreSQL rather than MySQL for using Nuxeo?