JBoss or Tomcat for email service?

This is a followup question to http://answers.nuxeo.com/questions/942/google-mail

Is JBoss better than TomCat or at least preferable concerning the e mail service in my case (as I guess both should be equivalent if Nuxeo works with both) ???

Personnaly I just install nuxeo using “apt-get install nuxeo-dm” command under linux server after having adding the partner repo.

Is this install the standard or do you suggest another method ?

As I described in the previsous comment, the nuxeo.xml file looks Ok for me (but I don't know java a lot).

Concerning the test mail web app, could you point me at the tutorial you talked about. I found some purely java oriented with class modification I'm really not sure if I am able to try this….

Thank you


PS: I will wait someone to help me with my mail.debug post in order for me to be able to provide more information because mail logs remain unfortunately empty but for now I'm a little bit stuck. Many thanks

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Concerning the email configuration there is no difference between JBoss and Tomcat. Possibilities are the same.

About global recommendation between tomcat and JBoss for Nuxeo 5.5, a first answer will be: JBoss 5 is much more heavy than JBoss 4. Nuxeo detect a leak during the deployment time of JBoss that brings a large space of memory used for nothing after the start finished.

Since the EJB3 are no more used in Nuxeo JBoss 5 distribution used much less memory but there is always this problem of leak.

That's why we recommend to use the tomcat distribution as this distribution is really lighter than the JBoss one (not because Nuxeo).

But this is only a part of the answer of the choice between JBoss and Tomcat.

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