Issue with importing emails with Mac OS

Hello I can't import emails in Nuxeo with my Mac OS 10.10.5 I tried both with Firefox/Safari - Mail/Thunderbird - Online Nuxeo Plateform/local installation. It is ok with a Windows 10 PC. Any idea of the problem ? Thanks in advance. GD

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Hi, please give more details starting with the output of nuxeoctl showconf, what's wrong, what are the errors in logsā€¦

Hi Julien

Futhermore i have installed the nuxeo-imap-connector-1.1.4

When i go to the Nuxeo online test plateform Monitoring / nuxeoctl.log I get this message :

The Http Transport returned a 0 status code. This is usually the result of mixing ajax and full requests. This is usually undesired, for both performance and data integrity reasons.

I send you the log in attachement.

Thank you for your reply. Gilles

FILES:   nuxeoctl(2).log
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In fact the drop action in Nuxeo is not available and the drop box not active when the file comes from the client email.

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