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I get an error : SYNC HANDLER:_synchronize locally_created I understand that the file has been created on my local drive, but why is it processed as an error ? How to force nuxeodrive to add this file as a new doc on nuxeo server ? Is it somewhere a documentation of error messages ?

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Could you post the entire error please?

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Firstly a notification appears on the nuxeodrive icon : file <filename> is on error and then when I clic on the message, the erro messages windows comes and shows the liste of messages with errors :

Path : <path of the file> Last synchronisation : SYNC HANDLER:_synchronize locally_created plus a button with "Retry" or "ignore this error" I do not know what "ignore means" Is it "do not upload the file and put it in a ignore list" or "force the copy"


It means "do not upload the file and put it in a ignore list". If you can upload a report somewhere (Settings > Advanced > Generate a report), I could take a look.