UserManager support for new 5.6 "powerUsers" functional group

I would like to map the “powerUsers” functional group to a directory group much like I do the “administrators” group. The UserService “userManager” extension point provides element “administratorsGroup” to support the “administrators” group. I don't see a comparable “powerUsersGroup”. Would it make sense to add such an element?

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Yes, it would make sense, but ideally it would need a notion of “profiles” or “roles” so that it's easy to configure any number of new “groups” of people with alternative behaviours.

As that kind of feature can be tricky to design (especially if you want to integrate it to the core security model), in 5.6 the power users feature is relying on a group with an hardcoded “powerusers” name. But checks on this group name have been restricted to filter configurations (like here for instance:

So for now, you could either decide to override filters configurations to match your own group name(s), either contribute a “group computer” java class to the user manager service, that would give the “powerusers” group to users of your choice.

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