CMIS: Changing default Nuxeo domain mapping?

I have been working with the Marketplace package for Outlook contributed by Astone. The package offers several features which are desirable for our application of Nuxeo DM.

The package seems to be working however it only allows me to save emails to the nuxeo default domain. After some digging in the source code I found the software connects to http://myserver:8080/nuxeo/atom/cmis and displays the workspace/folders etc it finds; this location is the nuxeo default domain.

I am new to CMIS so the question is: Can the default domain pointed to by http://myserver:8080/nuxeo/atom/cmis be changed to point to the “custom” domain in our deployment of Nuxeo?



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After digging deeper into the C# code I found a query that looks like it starts the query at “Default domain” domain, which makes sense if you only have a single domain. The connection to http://myserver:8080/nuxeo/atom/cmis, mentioned in the original question, is used just to detect the cmis service is alive. Using the Apache cmis workbench I was able to see the root and all the domains on my Nuxeo system. So it looks like setting the base of the cmis query to “/” rather than “Default domain” should allow access to the alternate domains.

I need to install Visual Studio to work with the C# code and try this “fix” , if I have the time.

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