Migrating from Alfresco to Nuxeo

I'm working on a project to possibly move from alfresco community 3.3 to Nuxeo. Is there a documented way to do this or get started doing this?

It is a requirement so that we don't lose any documents, data or permissions as it has to be done fairly quickly (over a weekend or break) or we will risk losing data.

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There are no precise documentation on this subject right now, but we have some guidelines. The first thing you should consider is using CMIS since it's available in both Alfresco and Nuxeo. This however might not be the most efficient solution. Since you are using a rest API to transfer lots of data, it might take a while and be longer than a weekend. So this really depends on the volume of data to migrate.

If this approach takes too much time, you should consider using our importer plugin.

Both solutions support document's metadata, binary and permissions.

Be also aware that you will have to customize Nuxeo so that it has the same document types and metadata that you had on Alfresco. This part can be done easily using Nuxeo Studio.

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