Nuxeo build failing as is unreachable

I've been trying to build a nuxeo image since yesterday (May 15th), but it is continuously failing due to (containing build jar files) being down. Are there plans to bring it back up? Alternatively, are there any mirrors available?

Step #1: Downloading from public:
Step #1: Downloading from nuxeo-studio:
Step #1: Downloading from central:
Step #1: [ERROR] [ERROR] Some problems were encountered while processing the POMs:
Step #1: [ERROR] Non-resolvable import POM: Could not transfer artifact org.nuxeo.ecm.distribution:nuxeo-distribution:pom:10.10 from/to public ( Failed to transfer file with status code 502
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My team was advised to update POM files and replace any references to with or

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Thanks Terry! This worked for me: changing repository path from to Looks like has some packages missing while has all of them.

Another problem I'm facing is that even pom files downloaded from point to for their own dependencies, (e.g., due to which my cloud build eventually fails. Is there a way to address this?

You'll need to update the sourcse as only works. See my answer on how to do this because the maven repo is not the only thing you have to change in the code.

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I think none among http and https servers for is up anymore.

Works for me, but I am also building the complete nuxeo source. Including nuxeo-distribution that is missing for you. I'm gonna try thou too.

Coming back to this issue. Now isn't up for me anymore too (has been a while since last time I compiled nuxeo). So I needed to change the urls. Used the following sed command.

find ./ -name pom.xml -exec sed -i 's/http:\/\/\/nexus\/content\/groups\/public/https:\/\/\/repository\/maven-public/g' {} \;