Smart search in version 6


Decided to use Nuxeo for two main reasons:

  1. The ability to reference other documents;
  2. The smart search component.

With the new version of Nuxeo (v6) the component is not available and still is in development. Will it be discontinued or is just a delay in the development?

For me the ability to create smart folders based on a specific criteria is one of the best features for a DM system.

Regards, JĂșlio Coelho

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Thank you for the answer, however my background isn't technical.

An alternative to the lack of smart search is to use NXQL, but there is the impossibility to save NXQL queries has a saved search.

Do you know how to bypass that?

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Thanks for you interest in this module. Several modifications are needed for it to work on Nuxeo 6.0, you can follow this alignment task: (but note it is not currently scheduled).

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