How can I use Context variables through REST API ?

I would like to obtain the users and groups having the manage rights on a document.

I call Document.GetUsersAndGroups (v6.0, seems it has been renamed since) that holds a “variable name” param that is supposed to set the so called context variable. How can I get this variable back to the client through the REST API ?

REST calls do hold a “context” variable, but it seems it is supposed to set some context variables not to retrieve them.

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I did not manage to solve the context part of the request nevertheless there is another way for my specific needs : context enrichers.

For instance, I need to have the children of a document with their ACLs :

X-NXContext-Category: acls

returns with each entry the context parameters

"contextParameters": {
                "acls": [
                        "name": "local",
                        "ace": [
                                "username": "ubx:SGBm:Chantier catalogue",
                                "permission": "ReadWrite",
                                "granted": true

It also works with straght REST calls such as

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