Using Automation Script params with a variable passed from the automation chain


I am having an issue with passing params to my Automation Script via an Automation Chain.

My Automation Script has one parameter value called 'ConditionalValue' that will be used to perform some validation checks before performing a specific process.

The Automation Chain has a section where the Context Variable named 'ConditionalValue' is set through a different process. Once this value is set, I then pass it into the params as @{ConditionalValue}.

Within the JS, I am able to print params.conditionalValue, but it is not the actual value of the object; rather, it is coming out as this:

params.conditionalValue == org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.core.scripting.MvelExpression@696a7345

Because this is not the value of what was passed in, I cannot perform any validation checks.

How can we access the values of these Java objects that are passed in as params to the Automation Script?


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Why not using a single automation scripting? It will be way easier no?


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