Nuxeo: scanners , encryption, BPM and other enterprise requirements

Hi all,

we are planing on using nuxeo for enterprise, document centric, applications. We have been looking at the platform for a while and we really like it.

We do find that there are some topics that need better clarification, especially we find that there are these recurrent topics in the various requirements, that we do not find clear in the nuxeo documentation :

  • Scanners and getting paper docs digitalized and transfered to Nuxeo
  • BPM products that integrate with Nuxeo
  • Encryption
  • Records management

Are we missing any documentation/case stud etc that clears these points, or is there any plan to cover these specific topics?


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I'm also interested by these points.

I found this ( for the scanner process to Nuxeo but I can't found any information about where can I found the Ephesoft nuxeo connector.


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