CAS Single Sign Out From Nuxeo and Spring Security

I have Implemented CAS SSO with Spring Security and Nuxeo. I have Problem In Single Sign Out From Nuxeo. When I Do Logout From Nuxeo It Logged out from Both Application(Nuxeo and Spring App). But When I Do Logout From Spring App It Will Only Logged Out From Spring App and not From Nuxeo. I Found a Link here but no specific response on this. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You can change the “session.timeout” parameter in the nuxeo.conf file to a smaller value. Nuxeo checks CAS SSO if session is not valid.

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Hello adam, I tried this but it is not working. Same issue.

Can u please help me regarding this. I don't have another support.

Thank u for ur help…


session.timeout=1 means the timeout after 60 seconds. It is a kind of a compromise but I don't know a simpler way. Of course, there are other options but they require a modification of nuxeo by changing or adding some code.

Hello adam,

Ok .. Thank u for your help..