Logout to Login page in one step

Hi! I've successfully added an Anonymous user, but since then when a non-anonymous user logs out, it's not redirected to the default login screen, but remains in the web-ui Dashboard as Anonymous user. Sign-out again as Anonymous user exits to login screen, which makes exiting and/or changing the authenticated user a two-step procedure. In both cases the link of the Sign out menu command is the same: [nuxeo-server]/nuxeo/logout. Is this behavior expected and could it be changed through the xml contribution? I'm not using Studio. Thanks!

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Could anyone at least confirm is that the expected behavior by design?

Do you manage to solve this? In addition to your said "two-step procedure" our users are still authenticated as anonymous after the login screen.

Konrad Krenzlin Nop, no success. Regarding the not-able-to-login-after-anonymous-activated issue, read this comment: https://app.quandora.com/object/d1f502e0-7fe6-4e35-a82c-b7c2e4177c0f. We've discussed the problem there, although it is totally different main topic (bad practice, I know). Mind the requires and their order!