SyncToy cause 1 login per file checked on webDAV directory!?

We are using SyncToy(Microsoft free sync software) to sync a Nuxeo(5.6) directory tree with a Windows 2008 R3 server directory via webDAV.

The syncing seems to work however it appears the Nuxeo event log is being “flooded” with one login per file checked each time SyncToy is run. Thousands of entries per run.

I'm not sure if this is on the Nuxeo or SyncToy side,this question is cross posted in the SyncToy Q&A site , but any help or clues would be appreciated.



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The client (SyncToy) should deal with cookies and send back the JSESSIONID cookie returned by Nuxeo after the first login. This will avoid reauthentication, and therefore make connections faster and not log additional logins in the audit.

You can do a network trace to verify that this cookie is not sent.

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