Nuxeo User Interface Widgets NOT Refreshing to Values in Current Document Model

We are using basic Nuxeo widgets which have been created outside the IDE and are experiencing a problem with the display refresh. Here are the specifics:

We have an Ajax enabled Container widget which contains several Nuxeo basic widgets (which are mapped/bound to schema fields within the DocumentModel). One of the fields (a SuggestOneDirectory) has an onchange listener method (currentDocument and layout value are arguments) which fills the cureentDocument DocumentModel schema values (using dm.setProperty()). When Ajax re-renders the Container, none of the values are present on the display however they were present in the DocumentModel following the listener's execution. In fact, another listener method (currentDocument as argument) on the Container which determines whether it should render folded, shows the updated values in the currentDocument DocumentModel. Any ideas on how to refresh the display values would be greatly appreciated.

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