How to implement/add new component/addon in Nuxeo


I am new in Nuxeo DM. I want to implement/add a new feature as a Component/Addon in Nuxeo DM. To implement/add a new feature as a component/addon should I have to follow the tutorial “How to add an empty Bundle” in Nuxeo documentation? As in Nuxeo bundles package there are three bundle jar files for each feature in Nuxeo e.g. nuxeo-core-convert-5.6.jar, nuxeo-core-convert-api-5.6.jar and nuxeo-core-convert-plugins-5.6.jar? Please guide how we can implement/add a new component in the same structure in Nuxeo DM?



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Already seen this :

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Hi catherine,

Actually the number of Jars for each “feature” depends on the features, sometimes it's only one, sometimes more (5, 6…). So it actually depends on what you need. Very often we have a jar that is the core (the one that does the job), one jar that is the api (to expose what the core does to the world in a nice way), and a last one to show it in the interface (with jsf in the name). These patterns help maintenance as we know exactly what does what but it's not mandatory. So it depends a lot on what you are trying to build.

If you are very new to Nuxeo (an even if you are not^^) you can start by trying Nuxeo IDE that will help you build the structure of your project: Getting Started with Nuxeo IDE

good luck


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