Is there any way to fetch audit logs?

I am using ElasticSearch for audit logging. I have set all the configurations required in nuxeo.conf. How can I fetch audit logs for a period of time and for group creation or permission and other activities?

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If you need to get the audit trail records for a document, you have to use our REST API adapter: /api/v1/id/{docId}/@audit. You can have a look to the page provider we're using: . If you need more detailed information on audit, please refer to the Audit Documentation Page


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I think it depends on how are you going to access those logs, and the purpose of doing it. For example, if you just want to access with administrations purpose, you can check them directly in ElasticSearch using the “Head” plugin for Google Chrome browser:](

If you want to work with Audits inside your nuxeo instance, you can use the “Audit API” for it:

And if you want to manage all the audits, you can even use Kibana, connecting it to your ElasticSearch instance. It is similar as the “ElasticSearch Head” plugin, but with a lot of advanced features.


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