How to get Quota infomation and set Quota maxsize from Automation API or REST API?

Is there any guide or example about set Quota Info and get Quota Info from API?

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I can get workspace Quota information such as Total Size and Trash Size from dashboard. As is shown in the figure. I want to get the same information from java client. Currently my code is like this:

NuxeoClient nuxeoClient = new NuxeoClient(url, "XXXXXX", "XXXXX");
nuxeoClient = nuxeoClient.schemas("*");
Document root = nuxeoClient.repository().fetchDocumentByPath("/default-domain/workspaces/test");

In the root variable, I can not find any size information. How should get the size information of workspace in java client?

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In order to get it, you just have to ask for the right schemas when calling for a document or documents. about POST, I do not think those field are supposed to be modified as they are computed by the platform

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Hi Bouvret, Thanks for your reply. Could you say more about how to ask for the right schema when calling for a document? Currently when I call a document, the response is as follows and there is no quota information: {

"entity-type": "document",
"repository": "default",
"uid": "7371208a-71bb-42a5-b6a2-4bdba72a2fed",
"path": "/default-domain/workspaces/Demo/myNewDoc",
"type": "File",
"state": "project",
"parentRef": "743cc809-3629-4f04-88ff-2a0f17b6b756",
"isCheckedOut": false,
"isVersion": false,
"isProxy": false,
"changeToken": "1505802214007",
"title": "rest doc",
"lastModified": "2017-09-19T06:23:34.00Z",
"facets": [



I found a nuxeo-quota project at It says 2 Automation Operations are defined to be able to remotely manage the Quota on a given Document: Quotas.GetInfo and Quotas.SetMaxSize. But I did not found how to use these 2 API from client side.

"schemas" is an option when instantiating Nuxeo in Javascript client, ex :

    this.instance = new nuxeo({
      baseURL:  `https://my.nuxeo/nuxeo/`,
      auth: {
        username: 'nuxeo',
        password: 'nuxeo',
        method: 'basic'
        schemas: ['*']

Hi Bouvret, I still can not get the quota information. I updated my result as a new answer so that I can attach a picture.