Nuxeo Quota initial computation freezes Nuxeo


I met several issues when using Nuxeo Quota, but I'm not sure what exactly I should report on Jira, so I chose to post my story there instead:

  • [MINOR?] After using Nuxeo for a while, Quota counts can get slightly off. I am aware than it also counts documents from the trash*, and already managed to fix the number by running a recomputation from the Admin Center. Are you aware of under which conditions can the quotas become off?

On a side note, I'm not sure counting trashed documents matches users expectations [IMPROVEMENT?]*.

  • [MAJOR COMBO?] Speaking of Admin Center, unfortunately the recomputation process can take a long time (my Nuxeo instance has 6000+ folders), and while it's indeed done asynchronously, Nuxeo can become slow to the point on being unusable in the meantime. On top of that, because of a lack of polish on the UI, I have no feedback that the recomputation is actually started after pressing the “launch” button, thus encouraging to click a few more times… until I realize that it only makes Nuxeo run the process multiple times, and often complete freeze, or even on one occurrence die with an out-of-memory crash.

PS: The environment is Nuxeo 5.7.1 with Nuxeo Quota 1.1.0.


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Hi Marwane,

The point is that Nuxeo Quota requires a lot of computation hen you turn it on on a big repository. I understand, we could improve this, but in most use cases :

  • initial computation is done only once !
  • initial computation is done with an almost empty repository

That's why we did not invest time on that point.


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Hi Thierry,

Thanks for your answer.

I assumed that since Quota counts sometimes end wrong, the feature was here to be able to rectify things from times to times. Is it known why quotas can be off after a while?


It would be useful to find out when the quotas get out of sync and fix that. Could you try to find a reproducible case where quotas get out of sync?

Hi Florent,

Ok I'll make sure to file a Jira when I get a reproductible scenario.