stability problem in sending email notifications

Hy, I am facing a stability problem in sending email notifications. When I start the server, everything works fine. I can see the listener in my test Nuxeo (Admin / Monitoring / Nuxeo Event Bus), for example:

  • Id listener Listener class Number of calls Total time %
  • workflowInstancesCleanup DocumentRoutingWorkflowInstancesCleanup (async) 1 calls 50ms 1.81%
  • notificationListener NotificationEventListener (async) 5 calls 1572ms 56.98%

After a while, the counter does not increase anymore and the email notifications are no longer sent …. The remote remote-debug shows me that EmailHelper.sendmail () is no longer reached then.

But the next day, it can go off without restarting the server …

My system environment:
CentOS 7
sending emails: smtp: // localhost: 25 (postfix)

Thank you for any suggestion. Henri

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Is there any quota of mail sent in your environment? Can it be reached? Do you get any related error or exception in your server.log?