I uninstalled Social Collaboration and now cannot login - resolved

I uninstalled Social Collaboration from a working Nuxeo 5.5 platform with DM. Once uninstalled it asked me to restart the server.

On restarting, the server starts with an error

org.nuxeo.ecm.social.collaboration.config requires [service:org.nuxeo.ecm.social.user.relationship.layout]

And I cannot login. I have configured LDAP which was working correctly so far. The system refuses to log me or any user in.

Though social collaboration was installed, it was not used at all, not even for widgets and hence the decision to uninstall.

This is the error shown at start of the server

= Nuxeo EP Started

= Component Loading Errors:

  • Failed to register component: service:org.nuxeo.ecm.social.workspace.operati ons (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg/nuxeo/ecm/social/relationship/service/ RelationshipService;)

  • Failed to register component: service:org.nuxeo.ecm.social.workspace.gadgets .pageproviders (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/nuxeo/ecm/activity/AbstractA


    = Component Loading Status: Pending: 0 / Unstarted: 0 / Total: 507

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Solved - The uninstall had failed to delete the files in connection with social collaboration from the nxserver\bundles directory.

On deleting the files from that folder, nuxeo started correctly and I could login in.

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FIY, there is a ticket tracking this issue: NXP-8930.

yes, thanks Thomas. I did search but could not find anything either here or in JIRA. Luckily I sorted it out.

Thanks for the link again.