Content Automation : How to Block permisions inheritance programmaticaly

Hello, I am looking a way, using the automation api, to block inheritance from a specific document…

I only found Document.RemoveACL and Document.SetACE : they both seem to not be able to do what i need.

Is there a way to do that ?

Thank you for your help

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I think those are the only two functions you need. On the current document use Document.RemoveACL to remove the ACL 'local'. Then use Document.SetACE with grant = false for everyone for everything on local. And then use Document.SetACE to grant = true the permissions you do want on the document. I have had no need to try this but it mirrors the programmatic approach.

See the automation operations index for details.

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Thank you very much for your precise answer to my question. It works but I wonder why the user interface doesn't reflect the "Document.SetACE with grant = false for everyone for everything on local" by checking the blocking inheritance in the administration tab ?

It should reflect it. Have you done a refresh in the UI? Have you used the "local" ACL?