How did my Jira ID 'bruce' end up being associated with somebody else?

Just tried to login to see a few tickets I submitted long ago (related to DAM and related improvements) and I was surprised to see the name Bruce Beller instead of my name. For example, I submitted the patch for DAM for handling color model properly (NXP-9141) but it is now associated with Bruce Beller. How could this happen and can it be fixed???

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Sorry we'll look into it, but our main sysadmin is off for a few weeks so we may not have an immediate answer.


It's a imbroglio between JIRA and Connect accounts which will be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting it.

About JIRA, you should use your Nuxeo Connect account.

Please send an email to the support to ask for merging your JIRA user with your Connect one. I wanted to do it but it seems you created multiple trial accounts and already have a valid JIRA+Connect account.


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The multiple accounts comes from some (very) historic issues with Connect. So I'm not exactly sure what I would be asking for… (merge the Jira id bruce with a given Connect account?)