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Hello, I am a new user of Nuxeo. I know that all metadata of a document is stored in the database, but can't you say me where the document (forexample toto.pdf) is physically stored ? My need is to copy in a disk, all the physical document added in Nuxeo. Thank's and sorry for my bad english.

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hi, all the files are stored in the C:/ProgramData/Nuxeo/data folder (programData is hidden, so you need to put visible in the options folder) but they are encripted, you can´t know where is your file toto.pdf

my sugestion to copy all the documents to a disk is in the slow mode, download all the files from nuxeo one by one.

hope that help you.

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hi, file are not encypted by default but their name is changed to their hash (MD5 by default but can be changed).

Thank's @german1 and @Damien Metzler for help. I found the place where it is stored for me : nuxeo-cap-5.8/nxserver/data/binaries/data . Files name is changed by their hash. Just to know,

  • it'is possible to store file with their real name and extension ?
  • where can we change the hash mode ?

I check nuxeo.conf but i dont see nothing like this.

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Sorry for the mistake. It was meant to be customizable but in fact it doesn't seem so.

If you want to handle your own binary manager logic, you can write your own (not very difficult) and specify its class via the nuxeo.core.binarymanager configuration parameter.

This is how we do to store the binary in S3 for instance.

But you should think twice about doing that : Nuxeo is there to expose a document API that abstracts the storage of metadata and binaries to you. If it's for backup, name don't need to be meaningful. Moreover, if you use versionning, you'll have to think on how to store versions of the same binaries…