Can I be notified when an annotation is added to a document?

I would like to be notified when someone adds an annotation to a document.

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I had already implement this feature for a project by adding a contribution to the notification extension point and it works fine. Below my contribution :

<extension target=""
  <notification name="AnnotatedDocument" channel="email" enabled="true"
    availableIn="Workspace" autoSubscribed="false" 
    template="annotatedDocument" subject="Document annotated" 
    <event name="annotationCreated" />
    <event name="annotationUpdated" />
    <event name="annotationDeleted" />

And don't forget to declare your template linked to the previous notification :

<extension target=""
    <template name="annotatedDocument" src="templates/annotatedDocument.ftl" />
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There are sevral ways to do this. You could for instance had a listener to the 'annotationCreated' event and manage the mail sending yourself. Or you could add a contribution to the notification extension point . This will add a new possible subscription in the alert tab that anyone can subscribed to.

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