Calendar feature in DM ?


Does it exist any feature like calendar (I don t mean date picker) available in Nuxeo DM ?

if not, how could we plug such functionalities in Nuxeo DM ?


Jérôme & Raf

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There is currently no feature like this one. Yet, “feature like calendar” is quite fuzzy as a description. Could you give more information about what you need so as to see what kind of integration would be valuable ?

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I am interrested in that question. Here is a use case :

  1. As a meeting organiser I want to setup a meeting in Nuxeo from the dashboard.
  2. I create the meeting, write meeting agenda in WYSIWIG mode and {invite attendees (emails are sent); specify a list of required elements (projector, whiteboard,…), and a list of documents attached to this meeting)
  3. Attendees can download meeting file (attached documents) as a .zip file to prepare for meeting

Maybe integrating Nuxeo calendar in enlarged format would be nice, but techno does not fit with OpenSocial, unless reverting to old dashboard.

Any idea ?

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Hi Philippe,

I guess we could do a google calendar integration using open social. But I thought you guys did a calendar module already. We could work together on this during next code sprint if you feel like it :)