tmpdir usage: how to control, how to cleanup?

On this topic, I've seen some posts from much older versions of Nuxeo, but they basically went unanswered. So here I'm asking detailed questions, which are hopefully relevant to the entire 8.x series at least.

The filesystem on which nuxeo.tmp.dir resides keeps filling up. Part of this has to do with how nuxeo sometimes hangs or crashes, and the system startup file doesn't know how to delete these files.

If I set nuxeo.tmp.dir to /var/tmp/nuxeo-tmp, can I safely remove and re-create that directory at launch time? (For instance, in the systemd ExecPreStart directive?) While nuxeo is running, is it safe to remove any files not currently shown open via the lsof command?

If the answers to those are unknown, perhaps some dev can tell me: What does nxblob-RANDOMNUMBER.tmp hold?

We're using an S3 storage as the filestore, but our VM is running on an NFS-based storage pool. Does it make any sense to have nxbincache on an NFS-based disk? If not, can we set the cache size to 0 to prevent caching altogether? (I realize, a ramdisk is probably the best solution here).

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You can clear the tmp directory before Nuxeo is launched.

The nxblob-xxx.tmp files correspond to transient storage of the files uploaded to Nuxeo. They shouldn't stay long in the tmp directory, if you have a scenario where they do please share it.

The directory can be shared between instances since 8.1 NXP-18668) but since its name is random it won't help you much. NXP-18382 is open to improve this. The cache size and can be configured, see “Cache Options” in

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