Temporary directory for OpenOffice (and others) conversion

It seems whatever is configured in nuxeo.tmp.dir some conversion tasks are operated in the “/tmp” directory and there seems to be no cleanup. Not really clear what software is responsible for those files.

File types are : PNG image data, PDF document, Windows Enhanced Metafile, Zip archive data, etc.

Anyway it seems there is a default configuration about some temp dir that I would like to customize since my “/tmp” is quite small and it could become a problem.

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It depends on your Nuxeo version:

  • the tmp dir customization has been mainly fixed for Nuxeo 7.4 (NXP-13965)
  • there was improvements for Nuxeo 8.1 (NXP-18667).

Before Nuxeo 7.4, it is a known issue that not all code is properly using the java.io.tmpdir and nuxeo.tmp.dir properties and that there are inconsistencies between both properties.

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Thanks for your quick answer Julien. I ll try to set java.io.tmpdir to an appropriate value in JAVA_OPTS and / or will setup a cleanup cron task for /tmp