Nuxeo postgress database critical error

Recently we had an issue, when some files were uploaded via rest to nuxeo platform. (postgress database) After that nuxeo stopped to respond, solution we found was to clean database and restart nuxeo.

errors were:

2021-06-09T16:37:08,947 ERROR [main] [org.nuxeo.runtime.model.ComponentManager] Component service:org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchComponent notification of application started failed: org.elasticsearch.client.ResponseException: method [PUT], host [], URI [/nuxeo-elastic?timeout=60s], status line [HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request]

2021-06-09T17:48:55,532 ERROR [main] [org.nuxeo.runtime.deployment.preprocessor.FragmentRegistry] Overriding fragment with name '' and path 'null' that is already present with path 'null'

Is there any option to restart platform without lack of data?

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