Email with certain attachments generates: Connection errorError during Html2Text conversion

The error in the subject line occurs on emails, when transferred to nuxeo, with .pdf attachments, however, not ALL .pdf attachments. I am investigating the size/complexity of the attachments which generate the error.

I thought I'd post a question here and ask:

Does the Html2Text software used for this conversion have any parameters that might need to be changed to accommodate size or complexity of email attachments?

BTW, the email is initially marked as unread and after the error occurs the email is marked as read however nothing is transferred into the nuxeo email folder.

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Please check the documentation at Install and set up related software.

If you have more information about the error (ideally the stack trace), please edit your post and paste it there.

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any update Karl ? Please follow your question. Close it with a comment if you have no more this problem. This is really important for the community.

Close it, I took your advice and this is working, sorry for leaving this dormant.

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Thanks again.


I understand, Thank You for all your help!