Survey widget in the next release


Have you planned a dedicated widget to expose the incoming survey feature ?

Do you provide an interface to display the results of a survey ? Could we export these results in pdf or xls formats ?


Jerome & Raph

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There is no widget exposing all the opened surveys yet but it's probably something we will add in the module. (As a sample, the surveys OpenSocial gadget is added to the user clipboard view so that the user always see the opened surveys he hasn't answered.

The result of a survey are displayed on the summary of a Survey (through the OpenSocial gadget).

There is no way to export the results in pdf or xls formats, but you can easily wrap the SurveyResult object returned by the SurveyService#getResultFor(Survey survey) to have the results in a pdf or xls file.

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Hi, To complete Thomas answers, the feature is indeed exposed to the users through an Open Social gadget that displays iteratively all the open surveys he has right to answer (this is controled by the assignment of READ permission in backoffice). The user who participated to the survey sees the current result just after having completed it. The creator of the survey can monitor the results in backoffice, with diagrams. You can already have a try if you compile everything.

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