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How to get the LTS 2023 source code? I cannot find it in the repository on github. Thanks

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I have successfully compiled it. After a “git checkout” and before building you have to switch to the branch via “git switch 2023”.

@Konrad: The link to the “release policy” results in a 404.

General remark: I never understood the purpose of the “python master -a” which is mentioned in the official docs at Despite the fact that it uses the outdated python2 (you have to do an 2to3 first) it switches back to the master branch so you would have to re-do the switch command above. And make the switching to the master of the pyhon script irrelevant ;-)

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Thanks for the update. Coincidentally I just did that yesterday too. Just on the commit called something like "Release 2023.5" It went smoothly, without the hazzle I needed for 2019. But I am still struggeling to get my custom bundle (for LTS 2019) to work with that release. Nuxeo modules/bundles/… got quite a big update since 2019 :)

Too bad the link is down and I cannot find it anymore. Basically it said: We are still open source, but not gonna release the code before a 90 day security window. I have no clue if that would be questionable under the licence or not, but definitely adds up to the turn away from open source and the community.

Considering the Yeah i think that is an artefact from the 2019 release, where you still needed that. Also some of the scripts in the scripts/ dir look very ancient to me. Strange that these weren't removed considering how much the code base has been restructured.


There is a branch called 2023. Be aware of the release policy that came into action some time ago.

Also I would love to hear if you tried to compile it - success or not. I have not tried myself, but it's on my future todo-list.

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