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Hi, I was trying to display the list of my document children following this HowTo :https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/how-to-display-children-documents-listing/ The obtained result does not correspond to my expectations : The filter doesn't work and the page provider return all the existing document.

After checking I found that the document.uid fields was empty (this field was a query params )

I already found an other solution to display my document list but I want to undertstand why the first solution doesn't work

Could you please help me


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Hello, It still don't work . I added the recomanded section in the polymer part of the form layout. As a result the field "system_parentId" still emty

That is very strange, we use it in several demos. -> Does server.log is filled with errors when you display the result ? (likely not, because you do have a result) -> Could you share the Page Provider definition ? (one way : export the package as sip, open the zip, unzip the .jar, open the OSGI-INF/extebnsions.xml file, and find your PageProvider in there. Or send screen shots :-)