Nuxeo 5.8 : export XLS bugs with Template using comments


I got a problem with the export XLS on a list selected with custom widget.

It's simple. there are comments in my widget XHTML using

<!-- comment -->

The export XLS doesn't exactly works on the fields that used custom template because export XLS writes ALSO the comments of the template XHTML file in the export XLS….

This comportement is not good it should only interprate the balises output and not adding every xhtml comment in the XLS export. So, Why is it acting like that ?

Thank you very much for help

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HTML comments are rendered and visible in the final DOM. There are some JSF implementations that do support a configuration option not to render them in the final DOM.

If you do not want these to appear in the final rendering (CSV or not), one easy solution is to surround your comment by a tag c:if test=“false”.


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perfect, i will test this soon. Thanks Anahide !